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Canigó, 100% nature

Listed as a Grand Site de France since 2012, the Canigou, which is also known by Catalonians as the sacred mountain, is the ultimate spot for a memorable day in the great outdoors.

Vast valleys, pathways, forests, villages and ancient iron ore mines... the outstanding landscapes of the Canigou are revealed on an excursion in this preserved environment!

During your trip, look around you. The biodiversity is unique. Mountain plants, flowers and animals are an invitation to share new experiences with the family.

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Fenêtre sur le CanigouMILHET Jc
Canigó et pêchers en fleursLACOMBE L
Randonnée au Pic du CanigouMILHET Jc
Abbaye Saint Martin du CanigouMILHET Jc

Visit the abbey of Saint-Martin du Canigó

On your way, you’ll come across quite a few of the mountain’s heritage gems. History buffs will encourage you to visit the Abbey of Saint-Martin du Canigou.

This authentic Romanesque jewel is still home to members of the Beatitude Community, who will be there to greet you. Before you leave, why not enjoy a picnic behind the church.

About fifty metres away, wooden tables shaded by mulberry trees make the perfect spot for a gourmet break with panoramic views over the mountains.

Le CanigouMILHET Jc

Hiking heaven

In the heart of the Regional Nature Park of the Catalonian Pyrenees, the Canigou is a beacon for mountain hiking enthusiasts. At an elevation of 2,784 metres, some will tell you it was considered to be the highest summit in the Pyrenees until the 19th century.

With 750 kilometres of signposted paths, the mountain invites you to explore at your own pace. While seasoned hikers will reach the  Pic du Canigou which has been guarded by an iron cross since 1943, others may choose to stop at one of the five refuges dotted across the mountain: Mariailles, les Cortalets, les Conques, Batère or Sant Guillem. Throughout your trip, you’ll enjoy stunning views over French Catalonia, the region of Empordà and the Mediterranean sea. An opportunity for some great souvenir photos.

Canigo Massif Access.

Randonnée au Pic du CanigouMILHET Jc

One of France’s most ancient races

If you make the trip in summer, you're likely to meet runners in training for the Canigou Race who run for tens of kilometres up the mountainside. This key event full of authenticity has remained loyal to the spirit of the very first race. Every year in the month of August, around 800 nature lovers come to join in with this mountain spectacle and perpetuate the tradition.

Come well-prepared knowing the hiking route to take and the weather conditions. For an accompanied excursion, don’t hesitate to contact a qualified guide who will reveal some of the Canigou’s secrets.