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Covid-19 : ce prestataire a mis en place des mesures spécifiques supplémentaires en raison du contexte lié à cette crise sanitaire.

The main activity is the teaching of riding on ponies and horses, from initiation to improvement, based on pleasure, comfort, and fun for the youngest.
Baby-pony: From 4 years old, in groups of 6 children, with their parents, discovery of the pony, on foot and in the saddle. Touch it, brush it, cuddle it. Aerobatics, ballads, being carried, and learning horse riding ...
Initiation: Lessons for all, in groups of 8, respecting ages and levels.
Know and know how to take care of your mount on foot ... Know how to move forward, turn, stop ... Discovery of the 3 gaits and show jumping ...
Aerobatics, equestrian games, ballads, animations ... Passing federal exams ("gallops")

Spoken languages

French, English, Spanish