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Along the coast or inland, there’s also a wide range of summer watersports to try in Pyrénées-Orientales.

If you’re daring and like to experiment with new sensations, you’ll enjoy throwing yourself in at the deep end with these activities: skim the surface on a jet-ski, go windsurfing or kitesurfing, tackle the waves at your own pace aboard a catamarankayak or paddleboard, enjoy the inexhaustible thrill of  waterskiing towed by a speed boat or a waterski machine, master the wind and the elements, savour the sunshine and saltwater of the Mediterranean for a heavenly experience.

Stand Up Paddle en Pyrénées-OrientalesLACOMBE L
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From Cerdagne to Capcir, the ski areas of Pyrénées-Orientales, collectively known as the Neiges Catalanes, boast new-generation facilities, including biathlon stadiums, and are perfect for wintersports of all kinds: snowkiting, downhill skiing, Nordic skiing or cross-country skiing, for all publics, from children and beginners to seasoned athletes.

Our mountains are the homeland of champions and offer a whole range of sporting activities whether you’re up for a challenge or just here for the fun: skijoering, dogsledding, snakesledding, yoonering or even airboarding.