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In the month of July, a cultural event known as the Festival Été 66 is organised by the department of Pyrénées-Orientales. An event blessed with the Catalonian sun, not to be missed!

A festive blend of heritage and music

The concept of the Festival Été 66 is to offer a summer cultural programme free of charge and accessible to all, but also to highlight the wealth of Catalonian heritage.

The perfect opportunity to organise parties and concerts at some of the region’s most emblematic venues!

The Festival Été 66 is a must for music lovers and party animals!

Over 400 artists line up to take the stage and ensure you enjoy an unforgettable experience in the heat of the Catalonian summer.

Festival Eté 66MILHET Jc
Festival Eté 66MILHET Jc
Festival Eté 66MILHET Jc
Festival Eté 66MILHET Jc

Discover the rich, eclectic programme of the Festival Été 66

The programme changes from year to year, offering everything from jazz to rock  electro to flamenco, and classical music... A real musical melting pot that’ll have you swinging like never before! 

The Festival Été 66 also hosts exhibitions throughout the summer at some of the region’s most emblematic sites, as well as dance performances, stage musicals and many other shows.

While the culture of Catalonia is the star of the show, the Festival Été 66 also reveals other musical cultures from all over the world.

What better way to escape to new horizons right on your doorstep!

Eté 66 au Palais des Rois de MajorqueMILHET Jc

Exceptional venues for unforgettable evenings

The summer period brings a succession of more than thirty events staged at some exceptional venues!

For the duration of the festival, four monuments are transformed into temporary stage sets: the Palais des Rois de Majorque, the Château Royal of Collioure, the Prieuré de Serrabona and the Maison de la Catalanité.  

The Festival Été 66 really is the essential festival of Pyrénées-Orientales: not to missed on any account!