La Quillane,

where the thrills begin

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An ideal resort for learning winter sports

Come and enjoy the gentle slopes and fall in love with the mountains at La Quillane, the ideal place to introduce your family to skiing in the Pyrenees.

Young and old alike can (re)discover the excitement of winter sports in complete safety, thanks to the resort's quality equipment! La Quillane is open to the public every weekend in season, and every day during the school holidays, and has only one objective: to offer you unforgettable memories with a personalised and individualised skiing experience.

Station La Quillane
La Quillane
Nocturne - La Quillane

Night skiing!

Located on the doorstep of the Capcir, the smallest of the Catalan Snow resorts has more than one trick up its sleeve!

In addition to the ESF, which offers ski and snowboard lessons for adults and children from 3 years old, La Quillane offers a wide range of fun and original activities such as snowmobiling, snow-scootering, snake-gliding and the experience of night skiing under spotlights until 7pm from Thursday to Saturday during the school holidays.

Circuit sur glace La Quillane

THE BEST PICKS! Unique in the Pyrenees, come and experience exciting thrills on La Quillane ice track! With tractions and propulsions through-out, you will find a wide variety of turns, including hairpin bends, curves and chicanes - all in an idyllic setting! Whether you are experienced or a beginner, you will have an unforgettable time! Driving experience 1 hour 30 minutes: €169 or 3 hours: €299 A driving initiation for first timers: €49

Nocturne - La Quillane

A UNIQUE EXPERIENCE! You can hire out the resort as you wish: outside of the opening days, groups, sports clubs, associations, companies and even families can organise their events on the resort and make it their own playground based on their wishes and needs.