Other labels and brands


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Station Verte de Vacances (Nature Holidays Destination) : the label is awarded to towns and villages in rural areas or in the mountains with a natural attraction in an unspoilt environment, which welcome tourists, with shops and essential services, events and activities, and have leisure facilities.

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Villes et Pays d'Art et d'Histoire (Artistic and Historical Towns and Regions) : a label awarded by the Minister of Culture to towns and villages who value and promote their heritage, through visits, talks, and educational workshops, led by professional guides.

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Recognised by the Ministry of Tourism, the Famille Plus label is intended to promote member municipalities that have taken a global approach to making families feel welcome.

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The Villes et Villages Fleuris label (Floral Towns and Villages) is awarded to towns and villages who create a high quality floral environment which contributes to the image of France as welcoming and floral. A sign with 1 to 4 flowers indicates the town or village’s national level of floral display.


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The ‘Les Plus Beaux Villages de France’ label (The Most Beautiful Villages in France) now includes 158 villages in 14 regions and 70 departments. Avoid the pitfalls of the soulless village museum, or those of a theme park, reconcile the villages with the future, that is our reasoned and passionate ambition.



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The Clévacances label is awarded to furnished rentals or guest rooms for the quality of their interior design and their warm welcome.

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The Gîtes de France label offers a range of quality accommodation which guarantees comfort, friendliness, and authenticity.

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The concepts behind the Logis label are an authentic welcome and a discovery of local produce through hotels and restaurants united under a quality charter. Professionals commit to giving priority to a personalised welcome and to the comfort of their establishments.


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The Camping Qualité label meets the mutual expectations and quality requirements of consumers and professionals in terms of services and facilities.

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The Rando Accueil label is awarded to accommodation providers who offer help with holiday arrangements or propose walking and hiking activities to discover local heritage features.

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Fleurs de Soleil (Sunflower), one of the labels for gite and bed & breakfast holiday accommodation. Fleurs de Soleil is certified ISO 9001.



The Valeurs Parc Naturel Régional brand promotes professionals who are committed to a sustainable development approach and who help visitors to better understand the environment, the region and those who live there.

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Pavillon Bleu (Blue Flag) : label with strong tourist connotation, symbol of an environmental quality that rewards and values ​​towns, villages and marinas, which lead a policy of environmental improvement each year. The Blue Flag has become a reference in the fields of tourism, the environment and sustainable development.

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La Clef Verte is a label that distinguishes environmentally friendly accommodation. It rewards the best initiatives and the most dynamic establishments in terms of environmental management.

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The European Ecolabel doesn’t only guarantee the irreproachable quality of the services offered, but also recognises the reduced environmental impact of certified establishments.



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Tables et auberges (Tables and Inns) : this national label showcases the expertise of independent professionals working in a traditional restaurant or hotel restaurant, excluding integrated chains.
The establishments awarded the Tables & Auberges de France label are presented through seven complementary categories: Table de Prestige, Table Gastronomique, Table de Terroir, Bistro Gourmand, Auberge de village, Hostelleries de France, Producteurs locaux (Prestige Table, Gastronomic Table, Regional Table, Gourmet Bistro, Village Inn, French Hostelries, local Producers).


Maitre Restaurateur


Maîtres Restaurateurs (Master Restaurateurs) : this title highlights recognised professional skills and the commitment to work with raw, principally fresh, produce. This title allows the customer to identify restaurateurs.


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Le Bistrot de Pays (Rural Bistro) contributes to the dynamism and energy of the economic and social fabric in a rural setting, through the support or creation of village cafés.



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The Bienvenue à la Ferme brand is attributed to farmers who welcome the public and are committed to following a quality charter.


The Tourisme de terroir label identifies professionals who promote agricultural production, craftsmen who excel in respecting traditional “tricks of the trade”, and restaurateurs, who are the guardians of culinary savoir-faire.

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The Accueil Paysan (Rural Welcome) brand brings together farmers who are committed to a production method that favours quality, control investment and prices and promote their produce, as well as rural stakeholders who want to be guarantors and managers of a heritage they have inherited and which they will bequeath.