a snow-covered family resort perched high up the mountains

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A resort that gives you freedom

At Porté-Puymorens, nicknamed an 'Alpine weather resort' in the Pyrenees, you will discover mountain air and mountain spirit with an exceptional and natural snow cover and, as an additional bonus, tranquillity and a warm welcome. Here, you can appreciate a desire for comfort, safety and closeness between visitors, skiers, trackers and riders of all types and all abilities.

You will be able to enjoy the wide open spaces and environmentally-friendly stunning setting, from the spectacular views from the mine's panoramic terrace, to the undulations on the dedicated skiing area, to the spacious slopes which you can glide down in complete peace.

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Porté-PuymorensBERLIC F
Porté-PuymorensMILHET Jc
Randonnée en raquettes à Porté-PuymorensMILHET Jc
Porté-PuymorensBERLIC F

Here your children can explore together the nature and animals living in our mountains in the magical forests or a fun igloo.

Porté Puymorens, at the crossroads of the Pyrenees, is a special haven of peace accessible to all mountain lovers and enthusiasts. The resort manages to combine the charms of the past whilst looking towards the future.

Dameuse à Porté-PuymorensStation Porté-Puymorens

THE BEST PICKS! If you like night-time activities, come to Porté-Puymorens! The resort can offer you the opportunity to ride in the snowploughs every day. From the closing of the tracks until 9pm, two machines each take one passenger up to the Mine and back down again. In the mornings, the snow ploughs can take people at 4:30am to watch the sunrise over the Cerdanya. Registration is required at the checkouts, €5 for the experience.

Pied dans le vide - Porté-PuymorensPorté-Puymorens

DID YOU KNOW? Le Pied dans le vide is the Pyrenean version of the Aiguille du Midi bridge in the Alps. For the most courageous, it is accessible on skis from the Fontfrède ski lift and guarantees an extreme rush of adrenaline. The panoramic terrace is at the top of the slopes at the Mine. It is a platform above the void, made of translucent glass and steel. The effect of the terrace is breathtaking and offers an exceptional view of the ski resort.

Porté-PuymorensMILHET Jc

OPENING! Opening dates of ski resort : Saturday, november 16th on Vignole and Mine ski area (6-8 slopes green-blue and red), other ski areas are likely to open soon, according to snow coverage. Rates : 24 € a day.