Visa pour l'image,

the festival for photography fans

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Welcome to the biggest international festival devoted to photojournalism! Attend this unique event, it’s much more than just a photographic exhibition...


Visa pour l'image à PerpignanMILHET Jc

Visa pour l’image, a festival rooted in the heart of the town

Every month of September since 1989, the Visa pour l’image festival attracts thousands of visitors to Perpignan. For a whole fortnight, this event proposes twenty or so exhibitions with free admission, scattered all over the town.

A chance to discover some outstanding photographers and enjoy strolling between the beautiful buildings of Perpignan which host the exhibitions.

The Minimes convent, the Campo Santo and the Dominicains church are just some of the exceptional sites that will enhance your appreciation of the different photographic works displayed there.

Visa pour l'image à PerpignanMILHET Jc

A prestigious photography competition

Chaired by a jury from the world’s most reputed newspapers and magazines, the festival attracts candidates who are just as remarkable!

The Visa Pour l’Image Festival is open to press agencies as well as freelance photographers, offering a chance for unknown hopefuls to be revealed to the general public.

An opportunity to explore new worlds via photo stories that are often poignant. There are several different categories and each winner is rewarded with a Visa d’Or.

Visa pour l'image à PerpignanMILHET Jc

Visa pour l’image, an informative festival

Visa Pour l’Image is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of photojournalism.

You can attend the open-air evening screenings at the Campo Santo, to find out more about some of the exhibition topics, or glean information by visiting the stands of agencies or top photographers.

The festival is also a means of confronting the often painlful reality of stories captured all over the world by photojournalists who, in doing so, sometimes put their lives at risk.