to discover an incredible underwater universe

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Explore the seabed

Have you always dreamed of swimming with fish and moving through the water with the ease of a mermaid?

Come to Pyrénées-Orientales and explore this amazing underwater universe!

You’ll find the best diving spots of Pyrénées-Orientales on the Vermilion Coast where you can enjoy all the wonders of the Mediterranean seabed!

Plongée sous-marineCHOCOLOFF Y.
Plongée sous-marineCHOCOLOFF Y.
Plongée sous-marineCHOCOLOFF Y.
Glisse, palmes, masque, tubaHEDELIN F.

Ever been snorkelling?

Explore the seabed in total freedom!

For this freediving experience, you only need the basic equipment (mask, snorkel and flippers, nothing else!) ...

A chance to visit a few of the coves on the Catalonian coast for a sense of freedom beyond compare!

Snorkelling is a less demanding activity than scubadiving, but still offers some amazing sensations!

Accessible even to young children, snorkelling is a great idea for a family activity!