Festival Pablo Casals,

the very best in chamber music

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An essential event for some of the world’s greatest musicians, the Festival Pablo Casals takes place in the heart of Pyrénées-Orientales... If you feel like it, come and experience the vibes of this music that has survived for centuries yet hasn’t aged!


Hugues Argence

The Festival Pablo Casals, an institution in the music world

Created in 1950 by the famous cellist Pau Casals who took refuge in France after the Spanish Civil War, the festival of the same name takes place every year in the little town of Prades in Catalonia.

To mark the 200th anniversary of the death of J.S. Bach, Pau Casals came up with the idea of celebrating chamber music and inviting along new musical talents.

Since then, the Festival Pablo Casals which returns every year between July and August, has become a incubator of classical artists and an international institution in the world of chamber music.

Josep Molina

Festival Pablo Casals: more than just a festival

The Festival Pablo Casals is one of the oldest festivals of its kind! It also boasts an academy that attracts new talents from all over the world.

As a cultural and social stakeholder, the Festival Pablo Casals is behind various encounters and workshops involving schools, ensuring that children have access to chamber music.

The festival is a true worldwide phenomenon and regularly travels abroad for musical tours or master classes, in cooperation with the most prestigious auditoriums and music academies on the planet.

Abbaye Saint Michel de CuxaMILHET Jc

Festival Pablo Casals, a paradise for music lovers

Every year, thousands of enthusiasts come flooding to the concerts given by a whole line-up of virtuosos who share the festival’s spotlight. The programme of more than forty performances is organised around a common theme.

It is an opportunity for a magical experience inside buildings that can only enhance the talent of the musicians:the Norman abbey of Saint-Michel de Cuxa, where the acoustics are exceptional, and the churches of le Conflent, including that of Saint-Pierre de Prades. A pleasant experience to share with the whole family!