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Discover the wines of Roussillon

Between the Pyrenees and the Mediterranean, embark on an exploration of this land of many grape varieties and taste the very best wines of Roussillon!

From PDO dry wines in white, red and rosé, to natural sweet wines and “vins de pays”, enjoy the diversity of the Roussillon vineyards!

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Dégustation de vins en Pyrénées-OrientalesMILHET Jc
Terroir des Pyrénées-OrientalesMILHET Jc
Terroir des Pyrénées-OrientalesMILHET Jc
Cerises de CéretMILHET Jc

Taste the produce of the Catalonian terroir

Prepare for a gourmet journey across a colourful region and a wealth of produce from the terroir of Catalonia.

Gourmets, look no further, Pyrénées-Orientales will put energy on your plate, thanks to a local distribution network, responsible farming methods and strong progress in organic production.

Visit local producers or wander between the stalls at the little markets of Pyrénées-Orientales, where you can by typical Catalonian produce. 

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