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Recharge your batteries in the warm sulfurous waters of pyrénées-orientales!

In summer or winter, immerse yourself in a warm bath of the sulfurous waters of Pyrénées-Orientales!

A moment of wellbeing in the heart of nature, to unwind and relax, alone or in good company, at the heart of the  Regional Nature Park of the Catalonian Pyrenees.

Saint-Thomas-les-bains, Llo and Dorres, three sites and three different ambiences, are absolute musts.

Les Bains de DorresMILHET Jc
Les Bains de LloMILHET Jc
Bains de St ThomasMILHET Jc
Hôtel Les Flamants Roses à Canet-en-RoussillonHôtel Les Flamants roses

Balneotherapy & thalassotherapy - indulge yourself!

Why not take time out for yourself and indulge in a session of balnéotherapy or thalassotherapy in Pyrénées-Orientales?

There’s nothing like balneotherapy to revitalise your body and mind, at one of the many spas available in the department.

Or you can experience the virtues of seawater with a session of thalassotherapy, a wonderful treatment to recharge the batteries, find new strength and energy, refresh yourself from within, and, just for moment, forget the hustle and bustle of everyday life!