Fortress of Salses,

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Go and discover the fortress of Salses, the guardian of Catalonia. This surprising castle is a beautiful piece of Spanish military architecture and reserves a few surprises for visitors!

Explore a gem of spanish architecture

Welcome to the fortress of Salses with its impressive, incredible dimensions! Located between the lake of Salses-Leucate and the Corbièresmountains, the strategic location of this fortress meant it not only protected the border but also served as a war machine! 

The fortress of Salses, an emblematic feature of Pyrénées-Orientales, was built in the late 15th century by King Ferdinand II of Aragon in a brand new architectural style. Its purpose was to resist invasion and attack from modern artillery.

In the 17th century, Vauban partially modified the fortifications of the Salses fortress.

Forteresse de SalsesLACOMBE L
Forteresse de SalsesADT66
Forteresse de SalsesLACOMBE L

Discover the heritage of the fortress of Salses

Follow the guide and listen to the anecdotes and explanations relating to the history of this fortress, which was once considered to be impregnable.

From its high terraces you can observe the surrounding area and admire breathtaking views over the Catalonian landscapes... For a perfect end to the tour, follow the footsteps of historians into the lower sections of the castle and observe in your own time the regularity of the structure’s geometry.

Forteresse de SalsesLACOMBE L

Steeped in history, and much more!

Are you bringing the family? Then opt for a rally tour, specially adapted to ensure children get maximum enjoyment out of the fortress! A number of workshops are also organised all year round, where you can test your knowledge of plants and herbs, or help to create games from olden times!

For astronomy lovers and those who are simply in search of an original experience, this site opens its doors for evening visits on certain dates in summer.

The perfect chance to observe the stars in unique surroundings. You can also take the opportunity to discover the many species of bats that take shelter in the fortress of Salses, which is a classified Natura 2000 zone!