Cambre d'Aze,

Eyne and Saint-Pierre dels Forcats

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The mountains for real

In the heart of the Catalan Pyrenees Natural Regional Park, a protected area of nature, the Cambre d’Aze resort, with the villages of Eyne and Saint Pierre-dels-Forcats, is situated in the hollow of an imposing glacial cirque and offers you 22 kilometres of slopes from an altitude of 800 metres.

Treat yourself to the thrill of skiing at an altitude of 2,750 metres with the added bonus of a stunning viewpoint.

Have an adventure in snowshoes or sleds in the middle of a mountain pine forest, or try a skiing assault course, suitable for all levels. 

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Cambre d'Aze
Cambre d'Aze
Cours de ski à Eyne

Your children can learn how to ski on a gentle slope with qualified instructors and if you're not a fan of snow sports yourself, there are a mountain of other activities you can enjoy in peace.

Being in the great outdoors makes you hungry, so at any time of the day, you can enjoy local specialities, farm produce, honey and cheese to eat in our restaurants or to take away.

Cambre d'Aze

A UNIQUE EXPERIENCE ! “Come and see the sea” A hike from the Pla du Cambre to the top of the Mouli chairlift to the spot called La Pedrera at an altitude of 1,950 metres allows you to see the Mediterranean Sea in the distance on a clear day. It’s a breathtaking experience!

Sortie nocturne en raquettes

A GOOD DEAL! Night time outings with snowshoes: Experienced mountaineer, Alain Laffont offers a guided hike of 2 hours 30 minutes to 3 hours, from Eyne to Pla de Cambre, with mulled wine on arrival. Torches and headlights are provided by Alain Laffont, a man very passionate about the territory, its history, its fauna and its legends. Price : €20 per person Telephone: +33 (0)6 07 43 41 42 (outings with groups of 5 people and over)

Cascade de glace du Coscoll au Cambre d'Aze

DID YOU KNOW? The Coscoll ice cascade can be climbed under certain conditions and several safety measures under the guidance of an experienced mountaineer. Guaranteed thrills during a day of supervised climbing suitable for experienced and well-equipped sportspeople only, who will do the corridor ascent of Cambre d’Aze in the morning and the ice cascade in the afternoon. For more information contact: Alain Place - AltyPass Tel. +33 (0)6 15 06 16 69