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Domaine Pons Gralet was born at the end of the 1990s from the association of Hélène and Christian. This 7-hectare farm has been cultivated organically since 2002. The vines are located on very sunny hillsides and their low-yield cultivation enables the principles of biodynamics to be implemented. The Domaine is part of the national network of Accueil Paysan with which it organizes winegrowers' hikes as well as a camper van break. The hike allows you to discover the vineyards and olive trees of the estate to better understand the choices of organic farming for 20 years, to admire the beauty and harshness of this demanding terroir, in a fragile and indomitable Mediterranean scrubland, to wonder about the issues climatic, ecological, economic and human with which the farmer is confronted in the first place.

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