The Mediterranean,

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Pyrénées-Orientales boasts ten seaside resorts with fine-sand beaches and rocky coves which can be reached by boat or from the coastal roads and paths.

Explore the Mediterranean coastline with the Pyrenean backdrop

Relax on the fine-sand beaches of Canet-en-RoussillonSaint-Cyprien or Argelès-sur-Mer where the locals will tell you the sun shines 330 days of the year!

Don’t forget to visit the beaches of Barcarès, the resort that’s famous for its beached liner, the Lydia!

If you prefer the wilderness, head for the unspoilt Pyrénées-Orientales resort of Torreilles where the coast is lined with sand dunes, reedbeds and coastal lakes. Sainte-Marie-la-Mer, is a traditional Catalonian village where walkers appreciate the orchards, the beaches and the local vegetation!

Saint CyprienLACOMBE L
Le Lydia à Port-BarcarèsOT Port-Barcarès
CollioureLACOMBE L

Course set for the Vermilion Coast

Culture buffs and lovers of tradition will enjoy visiting Collioure and its little Catalonian streets dominated by the Château Royal, and Port-Vendres with its natural harbour. After stopping off at Banyuls-sur-Mer, home town of the sculptor Artistide Maillol and land of delicious vintages, head for Cerbère for an extraordinary underwater excursion that you’ll never forget! 

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Essential nature excursions in catalan country

Pyrénées-Orientales is the perfect place to recharge your batteries surrounded by nature...

Enjoy the invigorating sea air at the Golf of Lion Marine Nature Park, where you can try diving or even go underwater hiking to explore the Mediterranean seabed!

At the heart of the Marine Nature Reserves of Cerbère-Banyuls and Mas Larrieu, you’ll enjoy the beauty of the landscape while exploring the diversity of Catalonian wildlife...

Fans of invigorating hikes can explore the protected natural sites of Canet-Saint-Nazaire lake or Les Dosses at Port-Barcarès where there are a number of trails to take you through unspoilt nature... Keep your eyes open for the numerous species that live here, including kingfishers, flamingoes and Eurasian coots...

If you follow the Vermilion Coast on the coastal path you’ll come across the Bay of Paulilles, a former industrial site which is now a protected area, as well as many other natural spaces that will delight hikers!

Before going for a walk, please get some information on authorised ways in tourist board or in Préfecture des Pyrénées-Orientales.

Argelès plageLACOMBE L

Invitation to relax on sandy shores

With long beaches of fine sand and protected coves lined with aloes, the coast of Pyrénées-Orientales offers a countless number of colourful landscapes. Savour the tranquillity of the Mediterranean under a sky of azur blue.  

From the Lydia beach at Barcarès to Bourdigou at Torreilles, from the groynes of Epis beach at Sainte-Marie-la-Mer, from Mar Estang beach at Canet-en-Roussillon, to the unspoilt beach of l’Art at Saint-Cyprien, an immensity of find sand invites you to spread your towel and spend long hours having fun with a ball and swimming in the shallow sea of these gently-sloped shores.

Côte rocheuseLACOMBE L

Take the plunge in rocky waters

On the Vermilion Coast, from Racou beach at Argelès-sur-Mer, to Saint Vincent beach at Collioure, from the Bay of Paulilles at Port-Vendres, to Sana beach at Banyuls-sur-Mer, not forgetting Peyrefitte beach at Cerbère, explore the coves for hidden shellfish and crustaceans, go fishing or soak up the sun, or clamber over rocks all the way back to childhood.

This precious diversity is protected by nature reserves: the Cerbère-Banyuls Reserve, which is the first marine reserve in France, and the Golf of Lion Marine Nature Park which covers 4,000 km² of marine space.

Port de Banyuls-sur-MerLACOMBE L
Port du BarcarèsLACOMBE L

Heavenly ports of call

Take to the sea and visit the ports of Pyrénées-Orientales... 
From Port-Barcarès at Cerbère, there are 9 marinas waiting to be explored. The perfect holiday for pleasure sailors and sea lovers.